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Certified To The Translation Services Quality Standard EN 17100

R&L Press Ltd has been certified with the European Quality Standards

for Translation Service Providers

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Certified Translation Services   Faithfulness & Transparency

  • Quality in translation has turned out to be of enormous importance in the context of increasingly intensified transnational flows of people, investments, goods and services. However, producing quality translation can quite often be an extremely tough and complicated job. In fact, few people actually understand what is required to deliver a 'good' translation.

    Despite all, our translators, proofreaders and editors always try to strike the delicate balance between dynamic equivalence and formal equivalence in translation to achieve the best level of quality under given circumstances.

  • Certified Translation Services   Confidentiality

  • Any information provided by Client for translation is considered strictly confidential and may in no circumstances be divulged or published by R&L unless disclosure is required by law.

  • Certified Translation Services   Accuracy

  • Basically, translations and legal processing of any types of business and personal documentation can be and is crucial in our work. For it could lead to ruining reputations, business ventures, and families. That is exactly why we are here for you -- with the intention of never letting that happen.

  • Certified Translation Services   Cooperation

  • Despite our competition with other translation service providers, we maintain close cooperation with a number of them (even though some might interpret rivalry as driving competitors out of the market) for the sole purpose of providing strong customer service.

  • We will always reach out and respond in kind in order that we best achieve our standards for the benefit of our clients.



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