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Certified Translation Services   Translating Your Efforts into Success

Not that we could always be there for you, but in dozens of cases could we ever! So let's say that:
  • You will be representing a company that needs to expand to Bulgaria, or
  • You want to start a business in Bulgaria, or
  • Invest funds in existing Bulgarian companies, or
  • You aim to bid for public sector contracts, however winning a public procurement contract can quite much depend on having faithful translation of your application to tender and supporting documents, or
  • You already do have a legitimate business in the country and need to participate in companies on the auction block, or
  • You are a manager of a company with outside investments running for projects that could win approval for EU funds, or
  • You want your own website being translated into other languages to reach foreign markets with nothing being lost in the translation, or
  • You are an outside company with no intention of coming in on this market, but you are in need of an agency to translate your efforts into other European markets with a much better value for money ratio, or
  • You'd only like to buy a real estate in Bulgaria for yourself or for your family, or
  • You are interested in access to Bulgarian sources of information to give you an insight,
--- thus gaining an edge over the competition in a language everyone will best understand.

So whether professional or not, there are dozens of cases where you will certainly need legally certified translations to help you move along the way.

Certified Translation Services  Some of the documents involved in such transactions include:

  • Company registration papers, articles of incorporation, charters, by-laws, legal registration processing, etc.
  • Any types of agreements/contracts, terms of business, mission statements, minutes of meetings, records, business plans, business correspondence, etc.
  • Employment agreements, job descriptions, appointments, human resource assessments, reports, orders, regulations, etc.
  • Financial and audit paperwork, financial statements, balance sheets, payments, invoices, etc.
  • Legal papers such as powers of attorney, court orders, decrees of divorce, notary deeds, affidavits, written statements, licences, permits, etc.
  • Manufacture documentation, supplies, specifications, safety instructions, etc.
  • Bidding documentation - tender applications and supporting documents, primary cost estimates, terms of reference, presentations, etc.
  • Engineering projects, building schedules, break-downs, etc.
  • Individual documents - birth and marriage certificates, legal certificates, CVs, cover letters, resumes, letters of reference, notary public acts, court rulings, announcements, etc.

Notarized Translation and Legal Services   We all know how crucial this paperwork trail can be for both our business and personal well-being and family future. Or don't we?



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